Current Known Issues


  • Currently CAN vehicle model years 2004-2009 are experiencing issues during updates due to known issues with OEM J2534 software.
  • When Reflashing Cummins Diesel vehicles, the VIN can be lost and therefore can only be written with OEM equipment.
  • Some model years 2002-2005 Minivans will fail a Reflash after the engine controller is Reflashed and transmission controller is attempted. If this occurs, the PCM can be recovered with OEM equipment.



  • Some model years 2013 and newer require LSID for security access instead of PATS timed access.
  • Ford is currently having connection issues, disconnecting both battery cables & clamping them together just before the flash seems to great reduce this issue.
  • Ford Flashes seem to be running much slower on trucks at this time





  • Mitsubishi MUTIII rental update. NASTF has received a number of calls regarding the ability to initialize replacement PCMs in K-Line Mitsubishi Motors vehicles. To clarify the situation this group of vehicles does not play well with J2534 programming so EPA gave Mitsubishi a waiver for these modules as long as the OE tool was available in some way. You may purchase the tool  but Mitsubishi Motors also offers the MUT-III (Multi-Use Tester-III) Scan Tool for rent through Bosch only for PCM (Powertrain Control Module) Initialization and PCM Reprogramming. Here are the steps involved in the process.
  • Call Bosch at 1-888-727-6672, prompt #2.
  • They will email you the form you need to fill out to rent the tool
    (You can also get it on the NASTF website at
  • Fill out the form completely and email or fax it back to Bosch.
  • They will send you the tool overnight
  • You must return within 14 days
  • Cost to Rent is $149
  • Shipping (both ways) is $100 and includes insurance
  • Deposit (charged to your credit card) is $2,000 and will be credited after the tool is returned and confirmed to be in good working order



  • Memory reset only works on 2006 & up with a generic J-Tool.


Policy change for Remote Reflashing in effect as of September 1, 2017.

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