Remote Reflash Program Set-up Instructions

AAMCO is currently supporting and assisting in Reflashing/Reprogramming of ECM and TCM* for GM, Ford, Toyota/Lexus, Mazda, Honda and some Chrysler model vehicles

In order for AAMCO Technical Support to assist you with reflashing,  you must have a “dedicated” laptop with Windows 9-10, a J2534 pass thru device, and a battery maintainer that is approved for reflashing.

Easy Steps to Set up for Remote Reflashing ASSISTANCE

  1. To Request Remote Reflashing Assistance
    • Go To FOCUS
    • Go to Vehicle/Customer info page
    • Select MPI
    • Select Reflash Request
  2. Fill the form out completely and submit the form from within FOCUS or… if you do not have Focus, print the form out, fill out the information completely and fax it to the number listed on the form.
  3. You will now be put into the Que automatically for Reflashing ASSISTANCE.  The AAMCO Support Team will contact you as soon as possible to help your Technician with the Reflashing process at this time.  While waiting for assistance, connect the Pass-thru device, the dedicated reflashing laptop and your battery maintainer in order to be ready for us to assist when we call.
  4.  IMPORTANT NOTE: You will be required to purchase the short term OEM subscription for that particular vehicle in order for us to help your technician with the reflash process. You will also be required to have the latest version of Team Viewer on your dedicated reflashing laptop.